Why Pearls?

GEM is the acronym to remember that God is in every moment; the pearl is the visual used to remember this.

While all gems are beautiful and treasured, the pearl is the only gem that is created through a living organism. 

It is through struggle and hardship in dealing with a little grain of sand that, over time, a pearl is formed within an oyster. The beauty of a pearl cannot be judged from the outside of the oyster. It is what is inside the oyster that counts.  Through each struggle we go through God makes us a stronger and more beautiful person.  It isn't easy and it takes times, but just like the formation of a pearl, it is worth it.

Pearls come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and are from all around the world, just as we are.  Regardless of the size or shape of the pearl, the lining of the oyster is always silver.  We may not all look alike or come from the same background, but what we have in common is a relationship with God.

We are each one of God's pearls.