Friday, April 1


I recently had eye surgery.  I looked at this as not only a physical change, but a symbolic change as well.  I felt that I could outwardly express the change that has occurred in my spiritual life over the past few years through physically correcting my vision.
Over the past few years I have removed barriers that I had placed between God and me.  The removal of these barriers has allowed me to continue to develop my relationship with God and has, in turn, made life much simpler.  

This change has taken place and continues to take place in my heart over and over again, but I have longed to physically feel and experience this change.  I was sure that eye surgery would be the physical experience I have been longing for.

Unfortunately, although the surgery went well, the healing process has not gone as smoothly.  My vision is worse than it was before the surgery and does not seem to be improving.  My ultimate prognosis is unknown.

So, in fact, this surgery has turned out to be symbolic as well as physical, just in a different way than I expected.

Joshua 3:4 says, " have not passed this way before."  No, I have definitely not passed this way before.  I don't know what my future holds - in regard to my sight or in any regard - but I continue to turn it over to Him and know that He will be with me through it all.  

This experience continues to be a true test of faith.  I know that this experience, although I may not understand it now, is a valuable part of my story of how God is working in my life.  

I will continue to follow the regime that the doctor has prescribed, but it is ultimately in God's hands.

Please go to A Holy Experience and find out more about the She Speaks Conference scholarship.  She Speaks is a conference for women who want to share with others their experiences with God through the written word, the spoken word, or through leadership in their community.  

I know that attending the She Speaks is in my future.  I just don't know if God has it in my future for this year.  In this, as in all things, I am doing my part, but I am ultimately turning it over to Him.  

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