Friday, December 3

December 3 - Moment

Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (textures, smells, voices, noises, colors). (Author: Ali Edwards)

I can't say when there was one moment. There was a moment physically. There was a moment mentally. There was a moment emotionally. There was a moment spiritually. Each of these moments held something different for me.

Physically: I started running in 2010. It is something I have always wanted to do. I started the Couch to 5K program in the spring. I worked hard toward my goal of running a 5K on the 4th of July. I wanted to run it the entire time and finish in under 30 minutes. I didn't achieve either goal, but came very close. But this was not the moment. The physical moment I felt most alive was running a race earlier in the spring. It was a race sponsored by Just People, an organization for adults with learning disabilities. There were lots of their clients there. There were a lot of families of clients there. I wasn't always 100% comfortable in the environment, but I knew I was stretching myself in a good way. I enjoyed being in the midst of all the people there - workers, supporters, runners. I enjoyed having my son there with me. The race was the best race that I had run to that point. I ran the best time I had run to that point. I loved the community. I remember running with my son in the jogging stroller and smiling the whole time. I literally ran into a sorority sister of mine that I hadn't seen since college. I won a prize at the raffle that I got to give to a good friend of mine the Monday after the race. It was a wonderful morning.

Mentally: This year I created Mom @ Work (, a network for working mothers. This came out of a passion of mine to create opportunities for working mothers to connect with one another. As a working mother myself I know the opportunities for working mothers to connect are few and far between. Creating Mom @ Work stretched me mentally in so many ways. It was wonderful to be creative and see everything come together. It is still a work in process, but I am loving it.

Emotionally: I began working with Lael Jepsen of SheChanges this year. I found her through a childhood friend's Facebook page and the impact our relationship has had on my life is incredible. Being divorced, it only being my son and me in the house. It can get pretty lonely. Not only is it lonely, but I find myself spending a lot of time thinking about things, but not a lot of time processing things. I know that I need someone else to help me process or I just get stuck in the same thought processes. The processing is what helps me move forward. I cannot rave enough about Lael. I go into each session not knowing exactly what I want or will get out of the session, but after the session I feel invigorated. I feel inspired. Things come together for me and make much more sense. She is in Maine. I am in Atlanta. We spend the time together on the phone. I was a bit hesitant at first, but now I wouldn't do it any other way, even if we did live in the same city.

Spiritually: God is a huge part of my life. I try to spend a lot of time in casual conversation with Him throughout the day. Each day I ask him what His will is for my life. I bring Him problems I am having. I bring Him things to celebrate with me. I thank Him daily. I question Him about things in my life that I don't understand. I love Him. I get frustrated with Him. He is my partner in life. All that being said, is my relationship with Him perfect? Not by any means. I make mistakes. I make wrong decisions. I don't go to Him when I should. I look to other people and things for satisfaction and to achieve the sense of being whole. I have a long way to go to reach perfection, but God is working in my life every day. Those are the moments that I try to be conscious of, not only for myself, but in order to show other people how God is working in my life. So, the moment... I worry a lot about money. A lot. At one point this fall I was concerned about how I was going to pay bills, I got a refund check in the mail that covered the amount of the bills almost to the penny. There is no doubt to me that was a sign from God. I know He is always there, but I appreciate a blatant reminder every once in a while. I needed that reminder right at that moment. He is here in all moments and will guide and protect me. He will take care of me in a way that no one on earth can.

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