Thursday, May 19


A friend of mine recently pointed out that there is a yin and yang between giving and receiving.  Giving and receiving are interconnected and interdependant.  You can't have one without the other.  In relation to breathe, giving is the exhale, while receiving is the inhale.  You can't fully give of yourself without receiving in the same proportions.

Most of us are very good at giving, but are we really giving all that we can if we aren't consciously recharging through receiving?

As I started to think about this in my own life, I struggled because so many ways that we traditionally think of as ways to recharge cost money - a massage, dinner with friends, a pedicure, shopping.  While these can be great experiences, these aren't really great options for me for several reasons.

Logistically I have a limited budget and these experiences aren't in my budget.  For me these are also flash in the pan experiences.  They are great while they last, but they are over so quickly.  Personally the experience doesn't have the lasting effect that is needed for me to fully recharge.

Since these traditional ideas don't work for me, I began to think about ways that I was recharging and realized that I am doing things that help me recharge.

Each morning on the walk to school my son and I pray and, when I can, I go to morning Mass at school after dropping my son off at day care.  Each night I read a devotion, write in my prayer journal and spend time in prayer.  These are wonderful ways that I am able to bookend my day with God.  It is about thirty minutes in the morning and at least thirty minutes at night that I spend in conversation with God in one way or another.

I have been doing these things for some time, but recently realized that I wasn't doing these things as consciously as I could be.

It then occurred to me that I haven't been living my day to day life as consciously as I should be.  I am sure that there are other moments that occur throughout the day that help me recharge, but I haven't been paying attention to them.  Because I have not been paying attention to these moments I haven't been enjoying them as much as I could be.

So, I started paying attention to the moments throughout the day that I was fully enjoying - simple moments.

Simple Moments.
Moments that doesn't cost money.
Moments when I am fully engaged and appreciating the life God has gifted me with at this one particular time.
Moments when I find the JOY in the enjoyment.

My goal is to notice at least one simple moment a day.  I want to record these moments for myself so that I not only have a record of these moments, but also so I become more aware of what is happening that it helping me recharge.

There are a million different mediums, but for now I am using Twitter.  I added my Twitter feed on the sidebar, so that you can see the simple moments I am appreciating in my life.  (They are on the sidebar, so that you don't have to follow.)

Please share your thoughts or ideas about simple moments and/or let me know if you will join me and how.


  1. Jenni,

    I too am on a very limited budget, so my simple moments come in the form of things that don't cost money. It has made me stop and look around and appreciate the things around me that don't cost a thing, time with God on my patio on a warm spring morning, the lilacs that are beginning to bloom in my backyard or the smell of fresh cut grass (I love that smell). my limited means makes me appreciate the things I would miss if I had the money to chase after the flash in the pan things.

    Blessings to you Jenni.

  2. I absolutely belive that when we focus on the negative, and the "lack" we miss the blessings and special moments that are all around us.

    What a great idea to start recording them.

    I think we are happier when we have gratitude in our hearts.