Friday, June 25


"Come to Me, all you who weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."  Matthew 11:28

I need to rest in order to be renewed and rejuvenated so that I can live the life that God wants me to live. 

This verse is one that I go to often, especially after a long week.  Now was my week any longer than anyone else's?  Of course not.  Did I have to deal with issues greater than some? Sure, but I am sure the things I had to deal with paled in comparison to what others had to deal with this week.

I have to live my own life.  No one else can live my life for me.  My blessings and challenges are not meant to be compared to others. 

Because someone is dealing with something much more difficult than what I am dealing with, does not make what I am dealing with inconsequential.  In the same regard, just because someone seems to have the "perfect life" doesn't mean their life is actually perfect.

How wonderful it is to know that I can go to Him at any time and He knows exactly where I am coming from.  It is in Him that I can truly rest in a way unlike any other and that rest is essential to being able to live the life that He put me on this earth to live.

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