Wednesday, June 30

Red Light, Green Light

I recently started running and have slowly been building up the time that I continuously run.  I can complete 20 minutes of running successfully.  I have run for 25 minutes straight on one occasion, but I am not yet comfortable running for that length of time.

The first 10 minutes of my run today went relatively well, but at about the 10 minute mark I fell.  I was sure I would catch myself.  I didn't.  I skinned my knee, but I got up and kept going. 

I made it to 20 minutes, but at that point I was really struggling.  I knew that I could come up with any number of excuses to quit, but I kept going. 

Between minutes 21 and 22 it was time to cross a busy street.  I decided that if the light was green I would keep going.  If the light was red, that would be the end of my running for the day.

The light was green.  There weren't any cars that would have impeded my ability to safely cross the street and so I kept running.

I completed the 25 minutes, but I didn't do it alone.  God was with me the entire time and I know that He had a hand in that light being green, which was the motivation that I needed to run for the full 25 minutes.

God, thank You for always being there in the big things and the small things.  Your hand is in all things.  Help me never to lose sight of that.

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