Thursday, July 1

Missing You

Yesterday when I got home from work my little boy was at my mom's house and came home just in time to go directly into the bed.

Today when I got home from work my little boy's dad was at the house to play.  His dad went home tonight right before it was time for him to go to bed.

I know it may seem ridiculous, but I am used to spending every evening with my son and I am missing him.  We have great one-on-one time each evening and my evenings aren't the same without that.

It occurred to me that God must feel the same when I am not spending time with him on a regular basis.  I imagine him sitting around during my usual prayer time waiting and wondering when I am going to arrive and being disappointed when I don't.

God, thank You for always making time for me regardless if I am making time for you.  Help me to remember that You are always there waiting and are disappointed when I don't make our one-on-one time a priority.  I know that our relationship cannot continue to develop without one-on-one time.  Thank you for the gift of the opportunity of daily time with You.

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